Making Fractional Ownership Obsolete

Fractional Ownership vs Charters

Fractional Ownership companies like NetJets, as well as FlightOptions, FlexJet and others, have done an admirable job of marketing their programs.  They have convinced many people that this is the most cost-efficient way to travel on private charter aircraft.  However, if their customers knew about Charters by Air Denver, we are convinced they would never agree to the purchase prices and long-term commitments required when buying a “time share” in an airplane.

Charters by Air Denver is a World-Wide Air Charter Referral Service which has been in business for 38 years, while maintaining a perfect safety record.  Utilizing our proprietary computer software program, which is updated daily, we can provide our customers with immediate access to over 18,000 aircraft of every size through some 3,900 FAA certified charter operators, all of whom meet the same safety standards as the airlines.

  • Need to purchase a share in an aircraft
  • Long-term commitment (up to 5 years)
  • Earliest departure without paying a premium
  • Monthly maintenance fees/dues
  • Types of aircraft available
  • Parts maintenance requirements
  • Government oversight
  • Pilot training
Fractional Ownership
$20 / month
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Up to 3 days
  • Thousands of dollars
  • Restricted
  • Only when broken
  • Minimal
  • Bi-annual flight review
    One hour ground instruction
    One hour of flight time
    Cannot be failed
Charters by Air Denver
$50 / month
  • No
  • No
  • 2 Hours
  • None
  • Unlimited selection
  • Scheduled replacement
    On all components
  • Every facet regulated
    Subject to inspection at any time
  • Every 6 months
    Five to ten hours of recurrent training with oral, written and pass/fail check ride

Per trip pricing is comparable and many times lower!

It is important to note that we are not a broker, who finds the best charter prices for themselves.  Once found, the price is typically marked up by 50% to 100% before a quote is provided to the customer.  Once the flight is completed, the customer pays the broker, who takes their profit and remits the remainder to the charter operator.

In sharp contrast, Charters by Air Denver shops for the best price on behalf of the customer.  Within 20 minutes after receiving a call, a selection of aircraft and pricing options will be offered.  When a decision is made by the customer, they will be airborne in 2 hours from anywhere in North America.  The customer pays the charter operator who, in turn, provides us with a 10% commission.  This is why our prices are the best available and why the U.S Department of Transportation has recognized our business model for the standard it sets in the industry.

Owning a fractional part of an aircraft is like owning a car.  There is little or no government oversight, whereas charter aircraft are subject to intense scrutiny.  If discrepancies are found, the charter operator may lose their certificate to continue as a commercial air carrier.  In fact, fractional ownership programs were originally founded to circumvent restrictive government regulations.

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