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Charter Operators can list their aircraft with Charters by Air Denver for Free!

Charter Operators

Charters by Air Denver is essentially an outside marketing firm for every air charter company in North America. There is no charge to have your aircraft listed with us and, chances are, your fleet is already showing in our database.

Charters by Air Denver contacts the FAA four times a year to obtain a comprehensive list of charter operators. We also subscribe to several commercial sources for our information. When you make changes to your fleet, please notify us by telephone or email as we update our system daily.

If you have aircraft based at different locations, our system will reflect it. We will associate your aircraft with the airports where they are based. Our computer ADIS system has virtually every commercially operated passenger and cargo aircraft operated in North America and selected carriers worldwide. We keep track of every single-engine, twin-engine, turbo-prop, business jet, commuter and airliner. Currently, we have over 3,900 companies and more than 18,000 aircraft in our system.

How Our Service Works:


Find the right charter at the best price.

Upon receiving a charter request from a customer, we first give the customer an approximate range of what they can expect for a charter price. We then search our ADIS data base for operators that can best serve our customer. If you are selected, contact is made by phone for immediate trips and by email or fax for upcoming trips. We then take your price, add ten percent for our services, making sure tax is included. We also collect tax on our commission.


Confirm flight details.

When a trip is confirmed with the customer, we will immediately contact you to make final arrangements. At that time, we will also provide a comprehensive confirmation sheet which lists every detail needed for the charter, including any preferred Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) which you or the customer may have. A copy of this sheet will also be given to the customer. Should the trip cancel for any reason, we will promptly notify you.


Payment details

For billing, we always request a credit card for back-up, even for cash transactions and direct billing (unless they are approved by the charter operator). We also ask for a check at the time of flight, although direct billing is often desired. Customers are given 10-14 days to make payment. If payment is not received within the prescribed time, the credit card will be charged. Customers are made aware that payments using a credit card will incur a five percent convenience fee to cover the additional credit card charges.

Charters by Air Denver provides a credit card authorization sheet which lists the billing details as well as the credit card convenience fee the customer is required to sign. Many operators have their own forms, which can be substituted for our credit card authorization form, if so desired.

We will provide you, the charter operator, with the customer’s billing information, which includes company name, name of the person who requested the trip, billing address, phone, fax and/or email address. We also provide passenger names and weights, if known, as well as passport information on international flights.

Charters by Air Denver has a number of customers who use our services on a regular basis. Some have asked us to handle the financial transactions for them. On these charters, we provide the credit card guarantee and pay you, the charter operator, within 14 days.

If for any reason, you have problems in collecting for a trip, please notify Charters by Air Denver. We will assist in collecting the funds. In over 35 years, we have never had a customer default!

Again, to help us serve you better, please advise Charters by Air Denver when changes are made in your fleet. Current information on your aircraft types, locations, and pricing is essential for us to refer customers to you.

We can also help on air charter requests which you are unable to complete for one reason or another. Refer the prospects to us and we will split our commission with your company. Remember, we have access to every size and type of aircraft.

Our service can also make your life easier when you have a maintenance problem and need back-up service. Charters by Air Denver has been providing back-up aircraft for many of the larger scheduled airlines and charter airline operators for many years.