College Bowl Charters

College Bowl Charters

If your school needs air transportation for the team, band, alumni and/or fans, Charters by Air Denver can help.

If you need immediate travel
call (800) 333-4057

When it comes to transporting large numbers of passengers, you want to make sure everything runs smoothly and on time. You could hire a travel coordinator, or refer it to a volunteer with little or no experience in such endeavors. A better option would be having Charters by Air Denver do it for you, – for FREE.

Arranging for your athletic event travel through Charters by Air Denver not only gets you the best aircraft at the lowest available price, but also provides you with a personal charter coordinator who will assure that every detail of your trip is properly planned and monitored every step of the way. If something unforeseen arises, we will be there to help keep things moving smoothly.

How Our Service Works:

Step 1:

Confirm your travel needs

When it appears your team’s record will earn them a spot in one of our country’s prestigious bowl games, give us a call and let us know the following:

  • Who will be traveling (ie: team, band, alumni, special guests, fans.)
  • The approximate number of passengers in each group.
  • When each group needs to arrive and depart.
  • Cities between which you will be flying.
  • Extra baggage, such as team equipment, band instruments, etc.
  • Any special needs you may have.

Step 2:

Find the right charter at the best price.

Once the details of your flight are confirmed, Charters by Air Denver will contact all of our air charter companies and airlines who can successfully complete the trip. We then notify you of the selected candidates so you may choose the best aircraft and air carrier for your specific needs.

Step 3:

Coordinate flight details

Once the air carrier is selected, the contract will be between your school and the air carrier. However, Charters by Air Denver will remain involved in every stage of travel, acting as your agent in the coordination of all facets of the charter. We will review and negotiate your contract with the air carrier as well as contact every individual involved with the transport, going over what is expected of them and providing them with written instructions where necessary.

Finding the right aircraft and contracting for it is just the beginning. Some of the other items that Charters by Air Denver will assist with are these:

  • Catering in-flight meals and beverage services.
  • Check-in counters and staff.
  • Baggage check-in and pick-up.
  • Baggage tags and the tagging of bags to expedite their correct arrival in various hotels.
  • Boarding passes.
  • Distributing passenger manifests.
  • Coordinating passenger drop off and pick up with bus companies.
  • Determining whether an air terminal or fixed base operations are best for the group.
  • Coordinating security.