One-way Charters Are Our Speciality!

One-way air charters (also known as “empty legs”) are a great way to travel one-way at a discounted rate.

Chartering a private aircraft means you rent the aircraft and crew for the entire duration of your trip. However, if a customer wishes to fly only one way, they are still responsible for both legs of the trip, since the aircraft must return to its home base. In this case, the aircraft would be returning empty, but the “leg” has been paid for by the “one-way customer.” Charters by Air Denver can, in turn, sell the empty leg at a reduced cost which translates into additional revenue for the charter operator but also, and more importantly, a substantial savings for you.

There are literally hundreds of air charter operators that notify Charters by Air Denver about their one way air charters on a daily basis.

Why not contact us to see if there is a one-way charter which matches your needs.