Let Us Be Your Private Flight Department

Comparing Charters by Air Denver to Aircraft Ownership.


Owning an aircraft, even a share in one, is expensive. An aircraft requires a crew, crew training, maintenance, inspections, insurance, hangars, parking fees and much more. Let Charters by Air Denver take care of all these operating costs so you can relax and enjoy your trip.


Planned and unplanned aircraft maintenance can be expensive! Charters by Air Denver and all of its charter operators follow the maintenance guidelines of the FAA which ensures the safety and reliability of your trip.


Fractional Ownership Programs now require up to a 3 day notice for an aircraft. Charters by Air Denver can have you airborne in as little as two hours.


With over 18,000 aircraft to choose from, we can provide the right type and size of aircraft for almost any specific flight requirement.


By using Charter by Air Denver’s services, you can have all the advantages of aircraft ownership, but without the costs, responsibilities and long-term commitments.
Have you ever wanted your own aircraft? How about one that is available 24/7/365 and can have you airborne within a few hours from NOW? Instead of one aircraft, how about a fleet with every make and model available to you depending on your needs?

Benefits of Charters by Air Denver

You can have all of those advantages without the additional costs and responsibilities of ownership. With Charters by Air Denver, you can have the perfect aircraft for your needs anywhere in North America. There are no up-front costs of any kind and you get the lowest price available!

Disadvantages to Personal & Fractional Ownership

Owning an aircraft is expensive. First, there is the acquisition cost of the aircraft. Next you have all of the additional operating costs. There are planned and unplanned maintenance costs incurred to keep your aircraft flying. Also, an aircraft requires a crew, crew training, insurance, inspections, hangars, parking fees, fuel and much more.

Charters by Air Denver takes care of all of the details of the charter so you can relax and enjoy your trip.

Fractional companies make owning an aircraft somewhat easier by splitting the costs of owning an entire expensive aircraft between several other shareholders. In some respects, it operates much like a time-share program in real estate. However, unlike Charters by Air Denver who can have an airplane to you within a couple of hours, the fractional companies now ask for up to 3 days of notice before your planned trip. And if you want your aircraft sooner, it may cost you an extra 40 to 50 percent!  In addition to the up-front costs for purchasing a portion of an aircraft and high monthly management fees, fractional companies also levy a trip charge or per hour cost which is typically higher than the rate available through Charters by Air Denver.