Athletic Air Charter

Athletic Air Charter

An Air Charter to athletic events can be a much more expedient, comfortable, affordable and winning way to travel.

If you need immediate travel
call (800) 333-4057

With an Athletic Event Air Charter, we can transport your team quickly and efficiently, while keeping travel fatigue to a minimum. When all the factors are figured into the equation, such as hotels, meals, time away from home, and having a refreshed team, an air charter is the winning way to go!

If you would like charter cost estimates for your team and fans, give us a call.

How Athletic Air Charters Work

Step 1:

Confirm Air Charter Details

On your first call, our Air Charter Coordinator will go over your requested itinerary to see if an air charter is your best solution. We then contact every airline and charter operator who could best service your request. This ordinarily takes a few days unless the need is immediate. If it is, we will expedite our efforts and ask the carriers to respond within the hour.

Step 2:

Present charter options

Your Air Charter Coordinator will present the results of our search to you and discuss which air carrier is the best for the proposed trip. If none of the options meet your needs, there will be no charge for our service and we will simply look forward to your next request.

Step 3:

Coordinate billing

After locating an aircraft that will work for you, we then put you in contact with the selected air carrier or charter operator who, in turn, will finalize a contract and arrange for payment directly to them. If there are questions about the contract or items which you believe need to be changed, Charters by Air Denver will assist in the negotiations.