Air Freight

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Air Freight

With Charters by Air Denver in charge of your important air cargo transportation, your worries are over. In our 35+ years, we have always provided on-time delivery of our customer’s goods to their desired location.

How Air Freight Charters Work


Confirm Freight Charter Details

Once we receive your charter details, we will find the appropriate aircraft that will accommodate your air cargo as well as the necessary loading and off-loading equipment.

Most issues arise when accurate dimensions of the shipment are not given, or when the quantity unexpectedly increases.  To insure the appropriate aircraft for your air freight charter is selected, please review our checklist on the right to confirm you have all the necessary information for your charter.


Confirm Flight Information

Once the aircraft is selected, a comprehensive confirmation letter that gives you all of the necessary details of the flight will be issued. Included are the following items:

  • Proposed itinerary and flight times.
  • Where the freight will be picked-up and delivered at the airports.
  • The names of the Fixed Base Operators to be used, their location on the field, address and phone number at both the departure and arrival airports.
  • Who will be loading and unloading the aircraft and the type of equipment to be used.
  • Name of company/person delivering/picking up the freight, along with contact numbers
  • Aircraft’s tail number, colors of the aircraft, company operating the aircraft, name and cell phone for the pilot/crew
  • Billing arrangements


Flight Follow Up

Flight following phone calls happen when:

  • The aircraft arrives
  • The aircraft is loaded and departs.
  • The aircraft arrives and departs a fuel stop, if one is necessary.
  • The aircraft arrives at the final destination
  • The cargo is off-loaded and who signed for it.

What to Expect from Charters by Air Denver

Fast, Easy and Affordable Service

Best Aircraft at the Lowest Price

Available by Phone 24/7/365

Airborne in 2 Hours or Less After You Say ``Go``