Airline Sub-Service

Charters by Air Denver provides back-up or sub-service aircraft to our nation’s air carriers.

If you need immediate travel
call (800) 333-4057

If cancelling one or more scheduled flights because of maintenance issues or other extenuating circumstances is not an option, Charters by Air Denver can provide back-up aircraft for FAA Part 121 and Part 135 operations. In fact, we have been doing so for most of our 35 years. Here is how it works.

How Sub-Service Works

Step 1:

Contact the air carriers able to provide sub-service

Once you call us, we will contact every FAA Part 121 air carrier to locate an aircraft that may be available for the required sub-service. This usually takes less than an hour.

Step 2:

Provide options and details of service

Once we have checked with all of our sources, we will let you know what your sub-service options are. You will be informed of the air carrier willing to operate the aircraft on your behalf, the location of the aircraft, the ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance) rate and the ACMI ferry rate, if applicable. We will also provide the time an aircraft is available for sub-service, the positioning time required to relocate to your departure city, seating configuration and where the aircraft will be returning when it is released.

Step 3:

Confirm service and provide contact info

After you have selected the aircraft, Charters by Air Denver will provide all of the pertinent contact information for the sub-service air carrier. Our charge for this service, as well as monitoring the operation for its duration, is only $100 per hour above the ACMI rate. This will be paid to us by the sub-service provider after they have received payment from you.

Note: Should there not be any suitable aircraft available for sub-service, there is no charge for our completing the search.

Long-Term Sub-Service

If you have an aircraft going in for a “C” check or other long-term maintenance, Charters by Air Denver can provide large airliners/cargo aircraft for ACMI leases.

In the case of an aircraft that is out of service indefinitely, Charters by Air Denver can arrange for a seamless transition to a substitute aircraft through one of our FAA Part 121 air carriers.