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Travel Agents – make our services available to your clients and collect a commission!

Travel Agents

Offering a personalized charter flight as an alternative way to travel is a great way of letting your clients know that you are, indeed, a full-service agency. Your suggestion of an air charter flight may enable your clients to make more efficient use of their time, spend more nights at home and actually lower their travel costs.

Converting non-commissionable airline tickets to commissionable charter flights is a great way to increase your revenue. For your last minute business traveler, suggest air charter instead of the airlines and receive a commission while giving your customer better than first class service that is unequaled by scheduled airlines.

Contact Charters by Air Denver and you will receive options and approximate prices on your first call. For immediate flights, actual prices and availability can be provided in 20 minutes or less. For trips further out on the calendar, a day or two may be needed to assure you the best aircraft and price.

Upon confirmation of your trip, we will provide the customer and the air charter operator with all of the pertinent details for the flight. Charters by Air Denver always goes to great lengths to assure a smooth and trouble-free trip for the client.

Our Services Include

  • Large aircraft for groups
  • Track programs for tour operators
  • Back-up aircraft for delayed corporate flights
  • Air charters for individuals/small groups
  • Air cargo flights
  • Air ambulance charters
  • Arrangements for Hollywood productions
  • Government, military and business travel

No Commission Caps for Travel Agents!

Net pricing is also available. If it has to do with aircraft charter, we do it all!