Airliner Charters

Airliner Charters

What type of Charter is best for you?

Single Entity Charters are air charter flights where the entire cost of the aircraft is paid for by a single person, company or organization. Passengers on single entity charters do not and cannot pay for their individual seats.

For example, if a college sends its football team to a bowl game, or a company sends its employees to a training session, the college or company pays for the entire charter, not the individuals flying.

Public Charters are where a single person, company or organization charters an entire airliner and then sells the individual seats to the general public. An example of this is when your team is going to a bowl game and the fans want to come join in the fun.

A good rule of thumb is, if you are advertising in any way to the general public and if the individual has to pay for their seat, you will have to file as a “Public Charter”.

Pro Rata Charters are charters where individuals pay for their own seats. But, they all belong to the same group or organization and the general public cannot buy into the charter. Also, the group’s sole purpose cannot be for travel only. The group or organization setting up these charters must have been together for at least six months prior to the charter. If you are in this category, you will have to file as a Public Charter, but will not have to put up the money for a Surety Bond normally associated with Public Charters.

Your Charter Coordinator will be able to answer any questions and assist you with the necessary filings. The required forms will be filed on your behalf. However, the cost for filing fees and bonding requirements will be your responsibility.

Many times there is only a minimal amount of time from the when you find out a charter is needed to when the trip actually starts. Charters by Air Denver can arrange for your air charter and have your Department of Transportation (DOT) paperwork filed in as little as one to two days.

In our more than 35 year history, Charters by Air Denver has filed hundreds of Public Charter Prospectuses for our customers. Everyone has been completed on time and with a 100% success rate!

Note: The Department of Transportation (DOT) can fine charterers up to $1,000 per seat on charters where individual seats were sold and the trip was not properly filed as a “Public Charter”. Also, you are not allowed to advertise your charter until the filings have been completed and a Public Charter Number has been received.